ATTENTION RACERS: Final rules and weights have been posted.

Visit the Pro Mod rules page for more info! We look forward to seeing you at the track!

See the fastest door cars in the west battle it out for over $30000 in prize money!

Adults & Seniors $25 • Youth ages 6-15 $10 • Kids 5 and under FREE


  • $6000 to win
  • $2000 runner up
  • $1200 x 2 semifinalists
  • $800 x 4 quarter finalists
  • $500 x 8 first-round losers
  • 3 qualifying sessions
  • 16 quickest cars


  • Heads-up class for any nonqualifiers for Pro Mod
  • $2000 to win (based on 8 car field)



  • $2500 to win
  • $1000 runner up
  • $250 x 2 semifinalists
  • $150 x 4 first-round losers
  • 3 qualifying sessions
  • Saturday & Sunday race eliminations: two paydays!
  • Qualifying based on Sportsman ladder



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Rock Mountain Shootout III: Results!

September 22nd, 2014

Year three for the Rocky Mountain Shoot-out added a couple new classes beside the regular Pro Mods, Top Sportsman and Open Comp classes. Outlaw 8.5 and Extreme Street were part of the JB`s Ultimate Heads Up Challenge. Open Comp was also part of that four event series and this past weekend series`champions would be crowned in all three. Of course the main feature was the Pro Mods and performances from a few did not disappoint. A smaller car count this year was a bit disheartening, and the reasons for close to 10 no shows varied, but those that were there wanted to put on a good show and we had some excellent racing. Qualifying became a battle of Nitrous vs Outlaw blower and it carried through to final elimination’s.

Top Sportsman coverage is here, and also at the bottom of this post. JB’s Shootout classes are covered here.

Pro Mod

14 Pro Mods entered the event including Pat McNally who doubled up, also running Top Sportsman. Pro Mod was a mix of predominantly Nitrous (6) and Blower (5) cars with two Turbo cars and one Naturally Aspirated entry.

Testing on Friday saw most teams made half passes with the exception of Tom Reithmayer who ripped of a solid (career best pass) 6.43/219. The car was violent on the run as he broke the wheeliebars in four or five places due to it being hard on the bar and rattling the tires. Paul Glandon went 6.24 twice, with one being over 240 mph. The top run on Friday was a early click off 6.18/199 (3.99 to half track) blast by Mike Gondziola and that was a clue to how quick he would be on the weekend.

Saturday qualifying got underway at 11:00am sharp and right out of the gate it looked like two teams were on their game. Joe Delehay went 6.10/235 to take the early lead and then Mike Gondziola ran a 6.082/234. Jay Syvertsen was #3 with a 6.23/233 and Dale Pedersen was #4 with a 6.28/224 run.

In round two, Gonziola improved by .03 to a 6.050/236 . Delehay was off the gas early on his run and Syvertsen was decent to half track (182 mph), but he slowed to a 6.7 run. Dan Vogt was great to 200 feet but he had to pedal his Corvette and then get back on the loud pedal.

He crossed the line with a 6.77 at 220 mph (#8). Paul Glandon was good early, pedaled then took off from 400 on and ran a 6.39/240, that put him #5. Tom Meheden went 6.64/206 (off the gas at the stripe) to move into the #7 spot. Tom Reithmayer came within a tenth f his Friday test run and went 6.548/216. He was #6. Glen Kerunsky had a great 1.01 60 foot but at the 102 shift he had to pedal, he eased through the 1/4 mile in 6.80/178. Ray Leyten has a car very similar to Kerunsky’s old 57.

It has a wedge between the frame rails and he ran a soft 6.89/198. Rounding out the field was 10.5 racer Mike Walterson, driving his nitrous Nova. He ran 6.95/200. Sitting #12 was Pat McNally (7.00/200) in his big inch Schmidt powered GTO. Ross Hogenson had issues in both runs and sourced the problem to electrical and flywheel. He staged the car in round three but could not make the call on Sunday.

Gary Weslosky found transmission issues and he headed back to Red Deer for a replacement (thanks to Steve Goddard) and would make the call Sunday morning.

Round three saw Gonzi on top of the pack again as he went his third 6.0 run, a 6.095/235.72. The next best pass was a 6.40/228 by Dale PedersenTom Meheden made his best lap and improved to a 6.560/209.15. The run did keep him in the #7 position.

Paul Glandon ran a 6.599, as his team was struggling with power (battery issues). Pat McNally got in the 6,’s with a 6.999/ 200.66 run in his all motor GTO. Glen Kerunsky also had battery problems and he failed to make the final Saturday session. In all, 10 of the 13 cars made runs, but there was no changes to the ladder.

Saturday qualifying session #3

Final qualifying

Sunday Morning, the final session was held at 11:00am. Prior to that (at 10:00am) Garry Weslosky got his repairs done and he made a test lap and went 6.29/217 mph, his best run ever.

His car was ready. Eight car took the opportunity to try and improve in this last ditch session, and man were there ever changes. Glen Kerunsky was the first to lay down a solid run. He went 6.326/225mph to move up into the # five spot.

Dale Pedersen ran a 6.22/230mph, and he bumped ahead of Syvertsen to #3. Weslosky’s qualifying run was not the 6.2 he wanted but it was close, a 6.33/215mph blast that put his in the top half. Mike Walterson improved by a tenth and went 6.89/200.59. It did not change his spot though, as he actually dropped one with Weslosky’s run.

Tom Meheden really wanted a 6.40 out of his car at Edmonton as he made a half dozen 6.40 runs at Mission a few weeks earlier but he was forced to abort the run with extreme tire shake. Dan Vogt also wanted to move up the ladder and he was on a solid run to 600 feet when he wounded a head and had to get off the gas. The run had increment’s like a 6.40 pass, but he coasted through with a 6.97@ 155 mph.

The fireworks from the day were saved for the #1 and #2 qualifiers. Joe Delehay was up just prior to Gondziola, and he laid down his best lap of the weekend an enormous 6.011/234.94. Could Gondziola bump back into the top spot in the field. He launched and it looked like a real good run, the scoreboard lit up to a 6.01 at exactly the same speed. What was the third digit. It was a .006 so Delehay gets the top spot by .005 of a second. Wow, what a final session!

Final qualifying

Driver, Car Number, City
1. Joe Delehay, #698 Calgary AB
68 Camaro (Supercharged)
2. Mike Gonziola, #602G Saskatoon SK
68 Camaro (Nitrous)
3. Dale Pedersen, #620 Dawson Creek BC
99 Monte Carlo (turbocharged)
4. Jay Syvertsen, #6122 Mission BC
57 Chevy (supercharged)
5. Glen Kerunsky, #671 Priddis AB
53 Corvette (supercharged)
6. Garry Weslosky, #6699 Red Deer AB
69 Camaro (Nitrous)
7. Paul Glandon, #5116 Stony Plain AB
69 Camaro (turbocharged)
8. Tom Reithmayer #6119 Sherwood Park AB
71 Mach 1 (supercharged)
9. Tom Meheden #694 Calgary AB
94 Beretta (Nitrous)
10. Dan Vogt #547 Regina SK
63 Corvette (Nitrous)
11. Ray Leyten Leduc AB
57 Chevy (Supercharged)
6.810/ 200.22
12. Mike Walterson #576 Calgary AB
69 Nova (Nitrous)
13. Pat McNally #646P St Albert AB
06 GTO (Naturally aspirated)
14. Ross Hogenson #63 Lethbridge AB
63 Corvette (Nitrous)

The pairings for round one are.

Joe Delehay vs Ross Hogenson, Mike Gondziola vs Pat McNally, Dale Pedersen vs Mike Walterson, Jay Syvertsen vs Ray Leyten in a battle of 57 Chevys, Glen Kerunsky vs Dan Vogt, Garry Weslosky vs Tom Meheden, Paul Glandon vs Tom Reithmayer.

Round one

In round one, all the higher qualified cars advanced to round two, and there were a number of improved performances in the wins. The first pairing did not have the improvement Paul Glandon was hoping for but he did advance over Tom Reithmayer. Tom was late and rattled the tires allowing Glandon an easy win. He went 6.660/227 to a slowing 12 second time slip for Reithmayer.

Dale Pedersen went 6.296/216 (slowed a bit on the top end which would end up to be a concern) Mike Walterson who knew he needed a miracle went red (7.06/201). Jay Syvertsen made his best run of the weekend a strong 6.14 at 241 mph (an event speed record).

Ray Leyten could only see the tail lights on his 6.87/205. Garry Weslosky repeated his 6.33 qualifying run, but this time it was with a zero.

Tom Meheden was real aggressive but it did not hold, and he was off the gas early. Mike Gonziola again showed he was a favorite with a 6.028/233 victory over Pat McNally.

McNally’s scoreboard red 6.59 3/10ths quicker than he had ever gone, but his .333 rt made it evident that the clocks did not start with the front wheels, most lightly the rear slicks. Joe Delehay had a single as Ross Hogenson’s car was broke.

His made use of the freebie with a 6.024/240.38 run. Glen Kerunsky was close to getting his car dialed in as well, as he improved big time with a 6.124/234.25. His run was a single as well, as Dan Vogt’s wounded head could not be repaired.


Round two, This round should had produced a few great side by sides, as the pairings were all the top qualifiers. None did produce great races, Delehay did lower the event’s best run with a 6.002/238 on his odd car bye run, so close to a ‘5’!

Glen Kerunsky defeated a red lighting Jay Syvertsen 6.20/232 to a 6.30/234.

Mike Gondziola kept pace with Delehay with a 6.026/235 victory over Paul Glandon’s quicker leaving 6.552/230 run.


Dale Pedersen got a freebie over Weslosky, when Garry found a leak in his intake. Dale just took the tree and backed out.

Semi Finals. Joe Delehay dodged a huge bullet in the semis against Glen Kerunsky. He got an automatic win when Kerunsky went .011 red. Joe was on another strong run, but his engine let go at 800 feet and he coasted to a 6.280/192. Kerunsky got to the finish line first with a quicker 6.24/231 but his red ended any shot.

Mike Gondziola kept up his performance levels and took it to the next level, running low et of the event with a get this, 6.000/236.09. That is almost the worst run a Pro Mod can make. The ‘5’ second barrier is the most coveted on for the class and Mike could not come any closer. He would go after the ‘5’ in the final.


Joe Dehelay had catastrophic damage to his engine and he had to do a complete short block change. Three different teams came over to help and at the start of elimination’s it was agreed that the teams would have approximately a 75 minute turn around if teams have not issues. If there were mechanical problems all teams left would give the wounded teams the time necessary within reason. The hope was to run within 100-120 minutes but Gondziola told me how ever long it takes give it to Delehay’s team. Great sportsmanship. It had been close to 120 minutes when the skies became threatening. From looking at the scenario, Joe would be around another 20 minutes He was just buttoning up the fuel system and mag when the rain and hail came. It did not look like it would last long and clear skies were nearby. But with the cooling temps and a soaked track the decision was made to call the event and postpone the final until three weeks later at Mission Raceway for Doorwarz II.

It would have been an epic final and it still will be. Both teams will have their cars on kill, and a likely side by side ‘5’ second race will determine the Rocky Mountain Shoot-out champion.

I can’t wait.


Top Sportsman


20 cars entered the Top Sportsman class for race #1. Qualifying was based on et and Dean Bettenson was the top dog in race one in his all Motor 57 Chevy. He went a 6.884/198. John Cuglietta was #2 in his ProCharged S-10. He went 6.91/201.83. Pat McNally went 6.931/200.31 in his all motor GTO. Rob Murphy running a clone to Cuglietta went 7.03/199. Rounding out the 7.0 and quicker cars was Gary Mizerva. The Sonny’s powered Stratus went 7.090/194.

Round one pairings were Bettenson vs Foster, Cuglietta Vs Liwiski, McNally Vs Rick Chaisson, Murphy Vs Graves, Miserva Vs Joe Spak, Dwight Baragar Vs Shawn Lachambre, Darryn O’Connor Vs James Bast, Eddie Radjo Vs Randy Modersohn, Rod Boivin Vs Rob Frattin and Shawn Tracy Vs Phil Bishop.

Tracy defeated Bishop


Foster took out the #1 qualifier Bettenson, Liwiski got a single when Cuglietta broke, Chaisson defeated a too quick McNally, Graves defeated Murphy. Only three of the top ten qualifiers advanced.

Frattin defeated Boivin

Lachambre got the best of Baragar


Round two

In round two, Foster, the 2013 Top Sportsman world champion, went .020 red putting Lachambre into the 1/4 finals. Eddie Radjo had a .026 package to take out Rick Chaisson. Gary Miserva had a bad .072 light but his opponent Phil Bishop was worse (.112), so he advanced. Darryn O’Connor won a close one against Liwiski (.013 margin), and Rob Frattin defeated Joe Graves.

—-1/4 finals—-

Lachambre got the third round bye and was off to the semis. Radjo went .002 red and Miserva went .008 red but Eddie was red first, so Gary was off to the semi finals to face Lachambre. O’Connor’s opponent Frattin went .017 red and O’Connor advance and had a semi final bye to the final round.

—-Semi finals—-

Shawn Lachambre put together a .046 package against Gary Miserva , but Garry bettered him with a .026 package and would face O’Connor who had the bye run.

—-Final round—-

This was a battle that has been fought on numerous occasions, as Gary Miserva and Darryn O’Connor faced off. They battle in the Top Eliminator class at Castrol and all the IHRA Top Sportsman events and NHRA Division Six races.

This one was over on the starting line as Darryn went .003 red. Miserva was late too, .090 so that red light likely stung the rest of the day Saturday until Sunday morning and race two.


Race #2 Sunday

In Race two John Cuglietta did not run as he found some metal shavings in his oil. Rob Murphy also did not run. Dean Bettenson was #1 with a 6.87, Pat McNally went 6.89, Gary Miserva was #3 with a 7.05 and Dwight Baragar was #4 with a 7.28


The rest of the field

5. Darryn O’Connor
6. Eddie Radjo
7. Rod Bouvin
8. Graham Foster
9. Cody Liwiski
10. Rick Chaisson
11. Joe Graves
12. Gord Spak
13. Shawn Lachambre
14. James Bast
15. Randy Modersohn
16. Rob Frattin
17. Phil Bishop
18. Shawn Tracy


First round pairing were.

Bettenson vs Chaisson, McNally Vs Graves, Miserva Vs Spak, Baragar Vs Lachambre, O’Connor Vs Bast, Radjo Vs Modersohn, Boivin Vs Frattin, Foster Vs Bishop, Liwiski Vs Tracy.

In Round one, McNally had a perfect light but Joe Graves took the stripe. Unfortunately for Graves he took two thou too much as he broke out. Three red lights determined the fate of six cars and the #1 qualifier Bettenson did not make the round one call. Bishop went red against Foster, Baragar went red against Lachambre, Tracy did the same Vs Liwiski.

Chaisson had the freebie against Bettenson and he was perfect on the tree but was .161 off his 7.95 dial. O’Connor advanced over Bast, Frattin advanced over Boivin Modersohn took out Radjo and Miserva defeated Spak.

—-Round two—-

Rob Frattin had a .031 package against Miserva and took the win despite Miserva only being .003 off his 7.06 dial.

Foster had a .032 package and ran within .002 of his 7.62 dial to defeat Shawn Lachambre.

Chaisson had the second round bye, O’Connor faced his buddy O’Connor for the second day in a row in the second round and came up empty again.

He was dead on his 7.65 dial but O’Connor took the stripe by .004. McNally got a freebie when Randy Modersohn could not make the call.



—-Round three—-

Rob Frattin suffered the same fate as Modersohn giving O’Connor a free pass. He ran on his 7.45 dial (.008 off), and Rick Chaisson defeated Graham Foster with a.038 package. Pat McNally got the single and went .018 and ran .011 under his 6.93 dial.


—-Semis Finals—-


For the second race in a row Darryn O’Connor got a bye to the final round. He was deadly on his bye going perfect on his 7.44 dial and hitting a .023 light. Pat McNally ran under his dial by .006 against Rick Chaisson, but Chaisson must had had a bit of nitro in his tank and he was a full 10th under his 7.85 dial in. His round earlier he fell off .029 going 7.809 on his 7.75 dial, so he must have though something was up with his motor. Apparently it was playing tricks with him.



O’Connor and McNally. These two have also faced off on numerous occasions racing at Edmonton in IHRA TS and Top “E”. Darryn O’Connor would have been tough to beat regardless of the opponent as he was .008 on the tree and was .014 off his 7.44 dial, for a .022 package. McNally was a bit tardy, going .043 and he was .024 off his 6.90 dial, so it was a .04 margin of victory and two final rounds in two days for the Fort St John driver.

Congrat’s to the champion and to the runner-up.

See you all next year.


A number of goals accomplished at the ‘Big Go’ and Rockingham’s PDRA event

September 12th, 2014

For immediate release

September 9, 2014

(courtesy Speedzone Magazine)

A couple busy weekends for Jim Bell’s JB Power Centre Pro Mod team the last two weeks and it is just part way through the tough September/October schedule. A solid first outing for Jim at the US Nationals ended pre-maturely (literally) in round one of Elimination’s. After battling weather all weekend long Jim started off in round one of qualifying by running a 6.059 to sit # 14. After the first half of the field had made their runs Jim was sitting #2 in the field, but then all the hitters took their turns and he dropped down to #4.

Jim improved a bunch in the second session and ran a 5.964 that put him # 11 out of the 33 cars entered. The hope was to improve by another 1/2 a tenth, and end up in the top half of the field. Unfortunately the track surface was not the same as it was the day before and he spun the tires hard and got sideways forcing Jim to abort the run. The JB’s Power Centre team ended up #14 in the field, and would face the #3 qualifier Jeff Naiser in round one.

In round one, run at 9:00 am Pro Mod followed both Top Alcohol classes. Jim and crew chief Rob Nascimento had the car tuned up to run a low 5.9 or high 5.8, trying to match Naiser’s qualifying effort. Unfortunately Jim pulled the trigger too quick and going way red. Naiser streaked to a second 5.89, and advanced to round two. We had the car hopped up to run a low 5.9 or high 5.8 but unfortunately I released the button way to soon, The car moved to the center line as well so I was off the gas. While I am disappointed we went out early we were happy to make the field in what was the largest field in NHRA pro Mod history.

Rockingham – PDRA

After Indy the team put the car back to 1/8 mile trim for the Rockingham PDRA event. Lousy weather greeted us there, but by the time racing got underway on Friday the moisture had subsided. In round one of qualifying we ran a strong 3.902/204 to qualify #2. Round two saw no improvement, but in round three we got our first 3.8 pass, a 3.897/204.63 and stayed in the #2 spot. It felt great to be in the top half and right near the top of the field.

We would face Jeremy Ray in round one. He was driving a Blown Hemi. Jim got a slight .02 holeshot and came within .02 of repeating his qualifying effort, crossing the finish line with a 3.914 at our top speed so far in 1/8 mile racing 205.19 mph. In round two our opponent is Tommy D’Aprile. He won round one with a 3.92. The rains came back to the ‘Rock’ and the event was postponed until the season finale in October at Virginia. We are looking forward to continuing that race and racing in the World finals.

Jim wants to thank his team Including Crew Chief Rob Nascimento, Brandon Stroud and Barb Bell. The Pro Line crew including Steve Petty and Eric Dillard have been invaluable as well. Thanks also go out to Jerry Bickel Race Cars, Rossler Transmissions, Race Pak and Precision Turbo. Special thanks go out to Jim’s staff at JB’s Power Centre for taking the reins in Edmonton while he has been out there living his dream.

August 27th, 2014

Race Schedule

Saturday, August 30th

  • 11:00 am – First Round Qualifying: Open Comp, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 8.5, Extreme Street, Pro Mod
    12:30 pm – Second Round Qualifying – Open Comp, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 8.5, Extreme Street
    1:30 pm – Eliminations Begin – Open Comp, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 8.5, Extreme Street
    2:00 pm – Second Round Qualifying – Pro Mod
    2:30 pm – Second Round of Eliminations – Open Comp, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 8.5, Extreme Street
    3:15 pm – Third Round of Eliminations – Open Comp, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 8.5, Extreme Street
    4:00 pm – Third Round Qualifying – Pro Mod
    4:15 pm – Fourth Round of Eliminations – Open Comp, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 8.5, Extreme Street
    4:45 pm – Final Round of Eliminations – Open Comp, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 8.5, Extreme Street
    5:00 pm – Final pass of the day – Track Secured. This is due to the scheduled Annihilation Night Show on the oval track, and the Castrol Staff is needed to operate this event.

Sunday, August 31st

  • 11:00 am – Final Qualifying for Open Comp, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 8.5, Extreme Street
    Last Chance Qualifier Pro Mod (optional)
    12:30 pm – Mandatory Drivers Meeting at the base of the Tower
    1:00 pm – First Round Eliminations Begin, Run Order Pro Mod, Open Comp, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 8.5, Extreme Street
    2:00 pm – Second Round Eliminations, Open Comp, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 8.5, Extreme Street
    2:30 pm – Second Round Eliminations, Pro Mod
    3:00 pm – Third Round Eliminations, Open Comp, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 8.5, Extreme Street
    4:00 pm – Third Round Eliminations, Pro Mod, Fourth Round, Open Comp, Top Sportsman
    5:00 pm – Final Round Eliminations, Open Comp, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 8.5, Extreme Street
    5:30 pm – Final Round, Pro Mod
    Eliminations Complete – Approximately 90 minutes between rounds

NOTE: This schedule is tentative and is subject to change at any time due to factors such as weather, oil-down, track condition or car count. As always, please pay attention to announcements over the track P/A and be prepared to be called to the staging lanes at any time.


July 24th, 2014

20/08/2014: There have been some weight break  rules changes for  made to the Rocky Mountain Shootout III Pro Mod class rules. Please visit the Pro Mod rules page to review the changes.